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Voluntary Benefits

Employers today have to be very creative in offering benefits. Because health insurance premiums continue to increase, it becomes more difficult to offer the benefits that employees may want or need. Adding a voluntary benefit option gives your employees’ choices in their benefit package based on their individual needs. The benefits pay cash directly to an employee above and beyond “traditional” insurance. Offering supplemental benefits is an easy way to expand your company’s benefits while at the same time helping to attract and retain employees. Also, supplemental benefits are 100% employee paid, so offering them is a way your company can enhance your employees’ overall benefits without adding cost to your bottom line. Product offerings include Short Term Disability, Life, Accident, Critical Illness, Hospital Confinement and more.

Central Penn Benefits will: 

  • Find supplemental benefits to complement your existing benefits package
  • Assess your current plan and find where there may be a gap in the benefits offered
  • Determine which carriers’ coverage options best match your needs as we represent multiple carriers